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Introducing Family Fridays!

Anyone who knows me knows that my family (and friends) play a large role in my life. Collectively, they have molded me, challenged me and taught me invaluable life lessons. That’s why, from now on, each Friday will be dedicated to some story or lesson from the crazy bunch I call family.

For starters, you must realize how expansive my family is. I suppose the reason for that is I don’t consider just my blood relatives family. Of course they are my family, but I’m happy to say the title of family is extended to so many others who are in my life. You see, there is my mother’s family, my father’s family and my stepmother’s family as well as my best friends who have earned their spots within the crazy crew. For me, family isn’t defined by blood. It is defined by who consistently and happily shows up. Most of the time, that includes blood relatives but sometimes it doesn’t. I’m blessed and proud to say that in my world, my family grows and changes all the time.

Today is my grandmother’s 83rd birthday. Grandma Dee is the epitome of honesty. Gained a little weight? She’ll notice it. Accidentally burned dinner? She’ll let you know. The woman does not hold back and at 83, who would? It’s very easy for people to get offended by her honesty. Who really wants to be reminded that they gained weight?! But, I’ve learned to love her honesty. I go to her when I need a brutally honest opinion but prepare beforehand for the harsh truth. It is refreshing to have someone in my life who is upfront and does not sugarcoat things. Too often, people hold back and don’t share their true feelings at the risk of others being offended. While there is a time and place for bluntness, I’m glad Grandma holds nothing back and is straight with all of us. It takes some getting used to but she doesn’t mean any harm. I am so lucky to still have my grandparents are a constant part of my life especially my extremely honest grandmother!

Happy Birthday Grandma!!

Grandma Dee & Papa Buddy :)

Grandma Dee & Papa Buddy 🙂

Motivation Mondays: Year 22

By the time I’m done writing this post, I will officially be 22 years young. My favorite parts of having a September birthday? The amazing weather and being younger than most of my friends.

I’d venture to say my 21st year was my best one yet. So topping it is going to be a challenge; a challenge I am up for. It certainly is off to a great start as I had the most perfect day. As I rode the bus into Manhattan, I reflected on my 21st year and all the things I learned. The beginning of my list includes:

  • Change is terrifying but ultimately a good thing. It makes you stronger and widens your perspective.
  • Family isn’t defined by blood. I woke up to 18 text messages this morning, all from my friends. They have become my family and I am impressed with their ability to consistently show up.
  • Your parents only have your best interest at heart. It doesn’t always seem like it, but they do. They also know you better than you know yourself.
  • Life is for the living. Yes, go to school, work hard and be honest. But don’t forget to create memories, to laugh, to watch your young siblings grow up and to experience every moment.
  • The best things in life aren’t things. No explanation needed.
  • It is the journey not the destination that is important. I have no clue where I’m headed but I’m going to enjoy getting there.

Cheers to year 22!


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