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On-Site Adventures

After my first business trip to California, I wrote about how a large-scale event goes off without any issues. Most of it is thanks to planning. But what happens when you get on-site? How do you as a team member make it the best possible experience for all those involved?

Large-scale events like conferences or milestone programs typically have several moving parts. There are  a lot of people to manage, rooms to inspect for issues, goals to achieve and problems to solve. As an on-site team member, your role is to help ensure things run smoothly. After being on-site three times now, here are some things I do to make sure our program is a success.

  • Print your schedule: I have a copy of my schedule printed before I leave for the trip. Each morning, I put that day’s schedule in my pocket so I always have it as a reference. There is also an extra copy printed in my folder that stays in our team office. 
  • Know it cold: You should read your schedule beforehand and check with its creator if you have any questions. Doing a quick site visit prior to the program’s start is also a good idea so you know where each room/location is.
  • Conserve energy: This one is probably the hardest while on-site. The days are long and you need to be giving each minute your absolute best. However, you should take time for yourself, to renew your energy (another post to follow on this concept!) and to check in back home. Find a ritual that helps you recharge your batteries. It could be a quick run or a Skype session with your kids. Whatever works!
  • Dress for success: As silly as this sounds, your mood will be more positive if you are comfortable and dressed nicely. Make sure you know the dress code before heading to your destination. No one wants to be under dressed and without other clothing options.
  • Smile: When something goes wrong or you don’t know an answer to a question, keep a smile on your face. This way, the person you’re helping will not panic and neither will you. If you forget something or make a mistake, don’t let it get to you. Stay as positive as possible and don’t let one issue ruin an entire program.

These are some of my personal tips while on-site at a program. I always try to make the most of the opportunity I’ve been given to participate in such an awesome program. How do you stay focused and efficient during on-site events. Let me know!

The ABC’s of a Business Trip

Greetings from Florida! I am on my first official business trip at a two-day conference in Orlando, Florida. I’ve gotten to meet both the professionals who hired me in addition to many other employees and external facilitators. In only 24 hours, I’ve learned quite a bit and have been kept on my toes throughout the day. There are so many aspects that go into making a business trip successful. Based off of my first experience, here are a few of my ABC’s of a business trip.

Arrive on time: Being on time for your flight and then all of your sessions is extremely important. There will be lines at the airport and prep time needed before sessions. Getting to your destination on time also shows that you’re dedicated to your role during the trip.

Bring your patience: Something will go wrong. Actually, seven million things will go wrong. It’s inevitable and usually out of your control. Just remember to take a deep breath, put on a smile and figure out a solution before having a heart attack.

Comfortable everything: More than likely, you will be on your feet for a solid 12 hours while working a conference or event. You must ditch being fashionable and aim for being comfortable yet professional. Steer clear of tight pants, itchy fabrics and super high heels.

Dive in: All hands are on deck during a conference. You need to keep an open mind and volunteer to help in any way you can. Sometimes that might mean picking up printed materials or giving an impromptu welcome greeting. Either way, be ready for anything.

Friendliness goes a long way: People will remember how polite you were or how you always had a smile on your face. Even if you are exhausted, be friendly and courteous to everyone you meet. It makes their experience more positive and you don’t know if you’ll interact with these people again. If you make a positive first impression, people are likely to remember you in the future.

I’m really enjoying my first business trip and am learning new things every minute of the day. I’ve notice that paying close attention to detail is crucial when working a conference. In just one day, so many little things had to be adjusted for an overall better experience. The little details are what sets certain conferences apart from the rest.

What other tips do you have for traveling on business trips? Share them with me!


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