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For the Love of the Game

I’ve played softball since age six and have parents who played. Playing under the lights is in my blood. Point proven last night when my co-ed team beat the third ranked team in a come from behind win, advancing to the second round of the playoffs. The energy and excitement was electrifying as we headed into extra innings, a feeling like no other that any athletic could relate to.

a league of their ownI’ve felt this feeling before, earlier this year when I was coaching little league. Thirteen wide-eyed eight and nine year old boys, wanting to play for the love of the game. They accomplished so much in such a short period of time; a coach couldn’t have been prouder!

Whether it be with my little leaguers or my adult teammates, the game (like most sports) has taught me lessons that are important to remember in the most important game: life.

1) Try it out: My boys on the little league team were willing to give most positions a shot. The smallest kid on the team pitching? Sure why not! They weren’t afraid of failure and just wanted to try something new. With no risk comes no reward. Those little boys were a perfect example of that.

2) Perseverance: The pitcher on our co-ed team wasn’t get the calls on certain pitches yesterday. It’s super frustrating but he didn’t let it get him down. He managed to come back better each inning, ultimately winning the game. If he stopped fighting, who knows what the outcome would have been. You always have to push through no matter how many people try and stop you.sandlot

3) Energy is contagious: I’ve watched this happen with both teams. Someone makes an outstanding play or strikes out the best player. Everyone gets hyped up and energized. It’s a feeling of invincibility, like you’re on top of the world. That feeling spreads through the dugout like wildfire. When you stay positive, it spreads to the people around you, making for a more happy environment.

I will forever love the game, baseball or softball and know the life lessons its taught me are invaluable. The quotes featured are from my two favorite baseball movies: The Sandlot and A League of Their Own.

Have sports or other activities impacted your life positively? Share with me!

Fifty Fabulous Life Lessons

Over this past weekend, we celebrated my mom’s 50th birthday with a grandiose surprise party, complete with red carpet and paparazzi. We danced all night long and properly celebrated a woman who has lived every minute of her fifty years.

pic60I could be biased since she is my mom, but I haven’t encountered anyone who’s lived life to the fullest like her. She makes every moment count and learns something from every experience. In my 23 years on this earth, she’s only imparted a fraction of that wisdom on me. Here are my favorite “mom-isms” I’ve gotten from her!

1) You can never have too many people who love you.

2) You have to create your own definition of success.

3) Some days you’re the bat, some days you’re the ball.

4) For every pot, there is a cover, but some people are cookie sheets.

5) Heaven Must Have Sent You is by far the best disco song of all time.

6) You can only control your reaction to a situation, not anyone else’s.

7) I am your mother first then your friend.

8) Lead never follow (not never, but you know, don’t follow the crowd).

9) Everyone is different.

10) Hard work does pay off in the long run.

11) Work hard, play hard.

12) Don’t apologize for being successful.

13) Sundays are for pasta and football.

14) Being rich doesn’t necessarily equate to having money.

15) Parenting is by far the hardest job in the world.

16) Sleep is never overrated.

17) The strike zone is armpit to knee. Don’t swing at anything else.

18) Pick and choice your battles.

19) Take your vitamins.

20) Your girlfriends, like those no-matter-what, I-have-your-back best friends, are the true loves of your life.

21) College was meant to teach you how to think, not for you to learn every last thing in a textbook.

22) There is power in prayer.

23) Your father loves you, don’t ever forget that.

24) Life is short, buy the shoes.

25) Celebrate your birthday all month long. pic107

26) A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

27) You should do your own version of the opening ceremonies every Olympic Games.

28) Sometimes you should do it yourself and others you should write the check.

29) There is such a thing as a power outfit, down to the underwear.

30) Find your own voice.

31) Manicures and pedicures are worth the money. Also, don’t go to work with chipped nails.

32) You’ve earned that vacation, take it.

33) Sometimes your friends will need a hug and sometimes they’ll need space. Know the difference.

34) Always have a “go-bag”

35) If it’s a priority, find a way to get it done.

36) Men are only a part of life, not all of it.

37) Don’t spend money you don’t have.

38) Pay it forward anyway you know how.

39) Laughter really, really, really is the best medicine.

40) The delicate setting on the washer and dryer is cheaper than the dry cleaners.

41) Lease your cars.

42) You can’t write a recipe for meatballs: you’ll know they’re right based on the texture and smell.

43) Turn the radio up if a good song comes on. Who cares if it’s 6 a.m.?

44) Wherever you are, I’ll be there too. Mom ranks as #1.

45) Learn as many ways as possible to get from a place to your home. Back roads save lives.

46) Smile even if you have no idea what’s going on.

47) If the music is good, you better be dancing.mombd

48) Go to the doctor and the dentist regularly.

49) A mother’s love is unconditional even when you do something stupid.

50) It’s all about the journey.

I’m so lucky to have my mom as my role model and friend. No one compares to her!

Confessions Of An Over Thinker

“If everything is a priority then nothing is a priority”

I understand the quote above, it makes sense to me. But how do you define a priority? Certainly, finding a job is a priority for me but so is maintaining this blog, going to the gym and redoing my bedroom. Trying to get it all done and make each thing a priority usually leads to over thinking. For example, if I don’t send this résumé but go to the gym, will I miss out on an amazing job opportunity? If I don’t move my furniture tonight, my room won’t get painted, but then I can’t go to the gym. You get the picture.

I am the definition of an over thinker. I think and think, over-analyzing every detail until I’m comfortable with the decision I’ve reached. Mind you, I do this with everything, from big decisions like buying a car to little things like how I worded something in a text message to a friend. My constant over thinking usually leads to unnecessary stress and anxiety. I’ll lay in bed at night obsessing about what I did and didn’t do during the day. After one such night of obsession, I began to think about why I’m an over thinker. I wrote out a problem/solution list in order to figure out this other thinking issue I have.

Problem: I care too much. Most of the time, I over think things because I care too much about the person or situation. I become overly concerned and worry that I’m offending someone or ruining a relationship.

 Solution: Well, for starters, to care just a little less. I also need to remind myself that the people in my life will understand and appreciate my honesty. Being upfront with people will always be the best way to a handle a difficult situation.

Problem: I try to make everything a priority. It’s part of my superwoman tendency, thinking I can get everything done in one day. From the minute I wake up, my mind starts to race, quickly filling up with a to-do list that is nowhere near realistic.

Solution: Rome wasn’t built in a day, right? My new goal is to write down five things I’m going to get accomplished during the day. Everything after that is a bonus. Hopefully, this way, I won’t spend my time trying to figure out how it will all get done. Luckily, most things can wait until tomorrow.

While I am a overthinker, some of the best moments in my life have come from being spontaneous. I’m going to use those moments as my constant reminder to stop over thinking and just live my life.

Motivation Mondays: Year 22

By the time I’m done writing this post, I will officially be 22 years young. My favorite parts of having a September birthday? The amazing weather and being younger than most of my friends.

I’d venture to say my 21st year was my best one yet. So topping it is going to be a challenge; a challenge I am up for. It certainly is off to a great start as I had the most perfect day. As I rode the bus into Manhattan, I reflected on my 21st year and all the things I learned. The beginning of my list includes:

  • Change is terrifying but ultimately a good thing. It makes you stronger and widens your perspective.
  • Family isn’t defined by blood. I woke up to 18 text messages this morning, all from my friends. They have become my family and I am impressed with their ability to consistently show up.
  • Your parents only have your best interest at heart. It doesn’t always seem like it, but they do. They also know you better than you know yourself.
  • Life is for the living. Yes, go to school, work hard and be honest. But don’t forget to create memories, to laugh, to watch your young siblings grow up and to experience every moment.
  • The best things in life aren’t things. No explanation needed.
  • It is the journey not the destination that is important. I have no clue where I’m headed but I’m going to enjoy getting there.

Cheers to year 22!


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