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Facebook Turns Ten

If you’re a Facebook user, you are aware that the website celebrated its 10th birthday earlier this week. In honor of this milestone, Facebook allowed its users to create “A Look Back” videos, which showcased their time on the website. From most liked posts to photos shared, users were able to travel back in time to see their Facebook milestones. Cue the nostalgia!

facebook-10th-birthdayMy newsfeed has been flooded with these videos over the last couple of days and I’ve loved it. From reliving my college days to seeing family members grow up, the videos certainly shared a wealth of memories with the Facebook community. It took me a while to jump on the bandwagon as I wasn’t too fond of my initial video. But last night, the editing feature was enabled so I got to choose the pictures I wanted to include. It’s a nice feature to have and gives people a little more control over their video. Overall, the “A Look Back” videos seem to be a huge success for Facebook. It has caught on like wildfire and makes users feel like they are a part of Facebook’s 10th anniversary. Well done!

For a while now, it seems like Facebook users and the social media community have been contemplated the website’s future. You always hear about privacy issues, spam and new features (like hashtags) that everyone isn’t too fond of. While Facebook isn’t my favorite social media site (sorry!), I do see its purpose for both personal and professional reasons. This blog gets posted to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and sometimes Pinterest. Over the last two years, the most clicks, likes, comments and shares have come from Facebook. Why? Because that is where I connect with my audience best.

My group of friends is larger on Facebook than other social media websites. Additionally, the people I am friends with on Facebook know me, know that I blog and enjoy reading. I’ve created a loyal group of people who consistently check my posts out. This is possible on any social media site but I’ve found it’s easier on Facebook. For one, more people, especially older generations, are on Facebook. It has been around longer and is easier to navigate. You can go over 140 characters and don’t have to choose a filter. Even my co-workers find my blog on Facebook rather than LinkedIn. I think they are just more comfortable on Facebook and know how to use it. Regardless of what social media outlet you use for yourself or for clients, having a loyal, committed audience will absolutely help your cause.

The “A Look Back” video campaign on Facebook definitely took off and spread throughout the website. I wonder if people creating the videos remember that they started because of Facebook’s 10th anniversary. I would have added something at the end of all videos connecting it to the anniversary, like animations instead of the hashtag. However, I still think Facebook did a good job with this video campaign and believe the website has a long future ahead.

Check out my Look Back video below and share your thoughts about Facebook!


Loyalty Versus Opportunity

I think I’ve accidentally created a mini series on my blog: Random thoughts from a young professional. I’ve shared a few posts about the questions I’ve been thinking about since starting my career in November. From dressing professionally to the concept of telecommuting, lots of ideas have crossed my mind lately. Today’s post is no exception.

opportunityAs young professionals, all of us should be looking to better ourselves and for ways to advance our careers. Actually, all professionals should be doing that, regardless of the field they are in. That began my thinking about loyalty versus opportunity: You have a certain responsibility to your company but you also should be on the lookout for opportunities that will challenge you and help to advance your career. So what do you do if a great opportunity presents itself but you’re happy with your current position?

First off, let me state for the record that this post is no way reflective of how I feel about my current position. I am very happy at my job and am not looking to leave anytime soon. This post is just about an issue I’ve seen many individuals from entry-level to senior management face.

Unless you absolutely hate your job, you feel a certain sense of loyalty to your company, team andloyalty managers. This is especially true for young professionals who are just starting out. I would imagine it to be very hard to leave your first job, the place that gave your career its start. That being said, it is your career, not your manager’s or your team’s. You have to do what’s best for you and know how to handle the situation appropriately. You give advanced notice, you do not burn any bridges and you remain as transparent as possible. It more than likely won’t be easy, but will absolutely be worth it.

Knowing yourself and what’s best for you can be hard at times. If you like your job, if you feel challenged and can financially support yourself, then why would you ever leave? Only you will be able to answer those questions. In my opinion, these are some other questions to consider:

1. Can I continue to grow within this position? If so, how?

2. Do I look forward to going to work most days? Am I passionate about what I’m doing?

3. Is the work at my current position challenging and helping to better my skills?

I’m no expert but these are just some thoughts I had on the whole ‘should I stay or should I go’ concept. Reach out to your mentors, get their opinions and ask how they’d approach the situation. At the end of the day, the choice is only yours. However, sometimes the push out of your comfort zone is exactly what you need.

How did you approach this situation when changing jobs? Share your thoughts!

Why Is This SO Hard?

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I thought about writing a post all about love but that would be one giant cliché. Instead, let’s keep moving on this Truth Challenge. Today’s prompts were especially hard for me.

Day 11 → Something people seem to compliment you the most on.
Day 12 → Something you never get compliments on.

I started the search for these answers by asking my 8 and 9-year-old siblings. Samantha’s response was she likes how I watch her dance. Antonio said I make the best pancakes. Clearly, these kids are the best and always make me feel like a rockstar. They did start the wheels in my head turning.

I’d venture to say the one trait people compliment me most on is my loyalty. I am beyond loyal; I will do anything for the people I love. I will work extra hard on a project I’m passionate about. The one I thing I know I’m good at is being there and showing up for the people I care about. I think my friends and family will agree when I say, if I love you, I will give you everything I have.

Something I never get compliments on is probably my ability to listen. Well, that’s not entirely true. If you need to vent, I will absolutely listen to you and give you my honest feedback. But, I am much more a talker than a listener. Once I start talking, it is usually very hard to get me to stop. One of my personal and professional goals is to be a better active listener and to curve my talking enthusiasm.

Do you agree with my compliment assessment? Share your thoughts with me!

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day and loving thy self, have a listen to Jennifer Hudson’s jam from Sex and the City.


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