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Battle Instagram vs Vine

Over the weekend, as I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, the pictures started moving. Then I realized they weren’t pictures, they were videos. Now, both Instagram and Vine are applications where users can upload videos and share them easily on their other social media sites. So, which one would you chose?

instagram vineAfter playing with both applications, here’s the conclusions I’ve drawn:

  • Both applications allow for videos to be about the same length: approximately 10 seconds. This length is a reasonable amount of time for videos and helps to eliminate unwanted content.
  • Videos on Instagram can be shot the same way in Vine. You have to shoot your video in segments so varying frames are shown. This works for most types of content but could be a hassle for others, like a dance recital. It is pretty neat that Instagram lets you add a filter to your video.
  • Videos on Instagram play immediately or as you scroll over them. Vine also works the same way. However, on Vine, you expect the video, will wait for it to load and know it will stop once you scroll down to the next post. On Instagram, you have no way of knowing if a post is a video or a picture, especially since there is a delay in playing the videos.

In my opinion, I like having two separate applications: one for pictures and one for videos. It is easier to find specific posts since you’ll know which type to look for. For organizations or companies that use these sites, having an account on each might be beneficial. Users will know where to look for new video teasers or photo contest entries. Videos also appear to be running smoother and without pauses on Vine. However, that could change once Instagram becomes used to video posts.

Do you use Instagram to post your videos? Would it be beneficial to have two separate accounts? Please share your thoughts!

My Favorite Things: iPhone 5 Addition

About a month ago, I finally traded in my outdated Blackberry for a shiny iPhone 5. I was overly excited and couldn’t wait to download a bunch of apps. My friends and family provided several recommendations but I wanted to experience my new toy all on my own.

After playing around and trying out lots of apps, my top three are listed below:

Feedly: Jessica Lawlor and Gini Dietrich both sparked my interest in Feedly when Google Reader disappeared. So when I got my new phone, this was one of the first apps I downloaded. Feedly allows you to subscribe to different blogs and lists out each day’s posts. My inbox is now less cluttered without subscription emails and I can quickly scroll through posts on my favorite blogs. It’s easy to save posts or click to the website for more information.

iphone52. SoundCloud: Music lovers everywhere must download this app! You can find pretty much any song and more importantly any remix on SoundCloud. You follow other users who fall into your stream that updates regularly. Once you like a song, it becomes part of your profile, creating the ultimate playlist. Only downfall is it sucks up a lot of your battery so make sure you’re fully charged before using it.

Snapchat: I know there has been controversy over Snapchat, but I’ve fallen in love with this app. With friends and family sprinkled all over the east coast, Snapchat lets us connect in a fun, exciting way. The time limit to view a picture makes it feel like a game. I can check my friend’s new outfit or see my little cousin’s new puppy. While the picture does go away, people have been known to screen shot pictures and save them. If someone sends an inappropriate picture, it can be saved, causing all sorts of issues. But that’s not the app’s fault. Just don’t send anything inappropriate.

These apps have made both my professional and personal life easier and more fun. I’m so glad I finally became a member of Team iPhone! What are your favorite apps? Any opinions on the ones listed above?


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