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Guest Post: Three Pinteresting Tips

I am very excited to have my first guest blog post from Kaitlin Walukonis,

an Assistant Account Coordinator at Van Eperen & Company

Posting, liking, tweeting – and now – pinning! If your organization isn’t pinning and repinning, it may be time to get with it and join Pinterest.

The Public Relations Society of America National Capital Chapter recently hosted an event focusing onpinterest social media trends for 2013. Denise Graveline, a consultant at Don’t Get Caught and Anthony Shop, managing director of Social Driver, shared their opinions and knowledge of these trends to public relations professionals at the U.S. Navy Memorial & Heritage Center. Both experts stressed the importance of visuals and the social media platform Pinterest, which can help attract your audiences and direct them to your website blog and other social media pages.

Pinterest – previously explained by Laura Van Eperen in our Spring 2012 Newsletter – is a social media platform that allows users to create pinboards, a web-version of a bulletin board and pin or repin photos and videos of anything that interests them (hence the name Pinterest). Pinterest is the third largest social media platform, trailing only Facebook and Twitter and is the fastest growing social media network. According to this Mashable article, Pinterest is now almost as popular as Twitter. Based on Graveline and Shop’s discussion, here are three great tips for using Pinterest within an organization.

1. Pin visuals from your blog.
People don’t want to read a block of boring black and white text – they want visuals. Incorporating visuals into your blog posts will not only attract more readers but it will also allow you to pin these visuals to a pinboard. Pinterest users can then repin your visuals, passing along your organization’s news. Graveline gained a lot of traffic to her blog because of her Pinterest account. This brings us to the next tip.

2. Don’t be a one-way pinner.
You have to show loVE to get loVE (VE & Co.-style love). Follow other bloggers and pinners, interact with them and share their information on your pinboards. This will make them much more likely to reciprocate. As Shop puts it: “Social media is like a cocktail party,” meaning you have to mingle with other professionals on social media networks for your information to be seen and shared.

3. Incorporate your organization’s personality.
Social media platforms can be fun! While it’s important to share your organization’s news, be sure to incorporate some personality while doing so. Van Eperen and Company’s Pinterest account shares news and blog posts, but it also includes a pinboard on business casual attire.

Now, go pin and repin. Be sure to think about what unique pinboards your organization can create to demonstrate its personality.




About Kaitlin: Kaitlin, a dance fanatic and undercover-balloon-animal-maker, provides strategic communications, media relations and event coordination support for corporate, non-profit, government and entrepreneurial clients as an Assistant Account Coordinator with Van Eperen & Company. Kaitlin earned her B.A. in Communication, Public Relations from the University of Maryland, College Park in May 2012

Legends of the Hidden Pinterest

I confess more things on this blog that I do anywhere else. In the spirit of honesty, here’s another confession: I am a Pinterest addict. I check the website multiple times a day and have completed a few D.I.Y. projects inspired by Pinterest. I became interested in the site for both professional and personal reasons. Recently, Pinterest announced a new feature called secret boards. Immediately, I was intrigued.

For those who don’t know, Pinterest is a social networking site where people can create different boards and pin items that follow the board’s theme. People can follow each other’s boards and repined pins off of them. Pinterest now allows their users to create three secret boards that no one else will be able to see. Additionally, pins on these boards do not show up in the categories when searched. You can also be invited to participate in other people’s secret boards and can delete them whenever you’d like.

As an aspiring public relations professional, I can see how Pinterest’s new secret boards would be beneficial to the industry. Professionals will now be able to create entire boards focusing around a campaign before the campaign is released. It gives them more time to create thoughtful, intentional boards and plan for future pins. Having secret boards as part of a campaign also gets users excited for their release. Companies could have posts leading up to the release on other social media sites too.

For personal users, the option of hidden boards also has its advantages. Many Pinterest members have party planning boards or boards with possible wedding ideas. With secret boards, people can keep party ideas hidden, allowing for a surprise. Future brides and grooms can make entire boards filled with wedding ideas without their future spouse knowing. Users can pin gift ideas for birthdays or holidays without ruining the surprise. As someone who is in two weddings during the next year, I am overly excited to now surprise my brides with a bachelorette party inspired by Pinterest!

Pinterest is a great site for any company with a very visual product or service. Student organizations, tourism websites and fashion designers utilize Pinterest by creating unique marketing content. Now with the new feature of secret boards, companies will have more time to plan their boards while personal users will be able to surprise friends and family.

I hope you take a look at Pinterest’s new enhancement and enjoy some of my favorite silly pins shown above.


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