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With a Little Help From My Friends

Asking for help is not something I do well. Too often, I throw on my superhero cape and attempt to do it all. Inevitably, sometime gets lost in the shuffle because while I can do it all, I cannot do it all well. Sometimes you need to lay down your cape, give the superhero thing a break and ask for help.

Why is it so hard to ask for help? For me, I feel like I am burdening people when I ask for help or advice. Now, if you ask my family and friends, I’m constantly chatting about problems I need to figure out. So, it may seem like I am totally comfortable venting to my support system. On the contrary, I do actually think about the problem I have and who would be best suited to shed some light on it. I go to different people when I have different problems and try (I’m not always successful here) to share the wealth and not lay all my problems and ramblings on one person.

ProAsking for help at work is a completely different ballgame that took me a while to get used to. The same principles listed above apply while at work. If you feel overwhelmed and need help with your assignments, speak up. With too much on your plate, you won’t be able to dedicate the right amount of time to projects, ultimately resulting in sub-par work. Always try to find information out on your own but don’t be afraid to ask for help. Remember, everyone started someone.

Now for the real reason for this post…

Remember how I said I’m not good at asking for help? Well, after hours of over-thinking and pacing, I am asking you for help. As the readers of this blog, you are familiar with the content I post, times of day I post and my writing style. I need to know what you like, hate, recommend and want more of. So please, please, please, comment below with your feedback, email me privately, send it by carrier pigeon; it doesn’t matter! I have some ideas I want to try out on the blog and need your feedback to make Rockstar in Training even better. 

I am totally open to constructive feedback because I know there’s always room for improvement. If you’re not comfortable posting in the comments section, feel free to email me through the contact page above. Thanks in advance!

On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink

Most people are unaware of today’s national holiday. It’s National Mean Girls Day! Mean Girls, starring Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams was released in 2oo4. The movie centers around The Plastics, the popular girl clique that does ridiculous things like wear pink on Wednesdays. So why is October 3rd National Mean Girls Day? In the movie, Lohan’s character speaks to her big-time crush for the first time when he asks the date, which happened to be October 3rd. After seeing a bunch of #NationalMeanGirlsDay tweets on my timeline this morning, I thought about what the holiday means to me.

Like I said in yesterday’s post, PR professionals must stay up-to-date on current events, including random holidays or days that celebrate a specific thing. Now National Mean Girls Day is an extremely silly example but could work if the movie was being rereleased or if a company was promoting something pink. It’s the job of the PR person to use these holidays in a creative way to benefit the client.

While I do not believe in being mean and fake like The Plastics, I do believe in girl groups that support one another. Let me introduce you to Club Rockstar, a group of PR-obsessed, OCD girls from Temple. We started our little group last December and haven’t looked back since. We are certainly not mean girls, but we are powerful and have matching pink ‘Club Rockstar’ shirts. We have a lot of fun and always goof around, but these girls have taught me so much in the last year.

When the club started, there were three seniors and five underclassmen. The five younger girls like to refer to the three now alumni as their mothers. They come to us for a variety of things, both personal and professional. The most rewarding part of my young career has been watching these five young girls grow and mature. Mentoring them has taught me so much and they never fail to give my confidence a boost.

The best part of Club Rockstar is that we are the total opposite of The Plastics. We are upfront and honest about everything and give each other real advice. No one is better, smarter or more popular. We each bring something special to the group and can count on each other for anything.

It’s hard not having Club Rockstar together but it’s clear to see nothing has changed. So on National Mean Girls Day, I must thank my rockstars: Lauren, Niki, Kurie, Mackenzie, Jackie, Marianna, Brianna and Amber, for their brutal honesty and continued support. I am prouder each day of this club and hope you all are wearing pink today!


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